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Application Sheets

Useful Information:

Component Leak Testing Overview (pdf 233Kb)

Guide to Helium Leak Testing (pdf 41Kb)


TQC Leak Test Systems:

Series 20 Standard Leak Testing Fixture (pdf 157Kb)

Series 40 Standard Twin Leak Testing Fixture (pdf 220Kb)

Series 40 Standard Leak Test Machine with Interchangeable Fixtures (pdf 190Kb)

External Automatic Connectors (pdf 541Kb)

Internal Automatic Connectors (pdf 533Kb)



Leak Testing of Engine Blocks (pdf 993Kb)

Casting Leak Testing (pdf 1,185Kb)

Pressure Testing (pdf 609Kb)

Automotive Brake Leak & Flow Testing (pdf 255Kb)

'Chilled Beam' Leak Test (pdf 186Kb)

Flow Testing of Turbocharger Housing (pdf 846Kb)

Fuel Rail Leak & Burst Testing (pdf 120Kb)

Fuel Tank Leak Testing (pdf 214Kb)

Helium Leak Testing of Automotive Fuel Pipes (pdf 439Kb)

High Pressure Audit Leak Test & Datalogging System (pdf 177Kb)

High Speed Leak Testing of Plastic Vials for the Medical Industry (pdf 1,178Kb)

High Speed Leak Testing of Pipe Fittings (pdf 289Kb)

Plastic Sump Pipe Leak Test & Inserter (pdf 201Kb)

Leak Test, Flexible Facility (pdf 206Kb)

Leak Test Facility for Water Valves (pdf 222Kb)

Medical Filter Leak Test Machine (pdf 196Kb)

Medical Shower Head Leak Test Facility (pdf 168Kb)

V6 Cylinder Head Leak Test Machine (pdf 901Kb)

V8 Cylinder Head Leak Test Machine (pdf 859Kb)

V6 Engine Leak Testing (pdf 239Kb)

Vauxhall Leak Test Machine (pdf 449Kb)

Visual Inspection Pressure & Leak Test Bench (pdf 169Kb)

Water Submersal Leak Detection (pdf 160Kb)

Weapon Leak Test (pdf 370Kb)

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