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Contract Leak Testing Service for Production Parts

Do you need a part leak testing?

TQC is able to offer contract leak testing services for production parts where the investment in instrumentation is not justifiable. TQC do not carry out site testing of large tanks and pipe work. Our resourceful engineering staff can develop and write test specifications and procedures to cover any critical testing requirement.

The service is used by Clients who:

  • Are only producing a small batch of parts
  • Produce regular batches of small parts that do not want to make the investment in an in-house system
  • Need to prototype and develop the design of products requiring sealing.
  • Are required to test products to a specific leak test standard beyond that of the equipment at the Client.

Typical Examples are:

  • Machined components - pressure & leak testing
  • Fabrications that need helium testing.
  • Medical devices in development.
  • Small quantities of exhaust pipes for specialist vintage cars.
  • Bottle closure development.
  • Under bonnet and engine parts. High performance racing brake parts.
  • TQC can also provide technical guidance and advice on sealing techniques and sealing materials

TQC standard equipment includes a full set of calibrated, traceable leak testing instrumentation (NIST, NAMAS) available for leak testing small quantity batches of parts. Our capability covers an extensive range of pressures from high vacuum to 6 bar. Typically, using air decay, leaks of 10 mm3.sec-1 can be found, using helium leaks down to 1x10-8 mbar.l.sec-1 can be identified.

Higher proof test pressures of up to 1095 bar can be accommodated by special arrangement and review of safety.

The techniques available are differential pressure air decay and helium tracer gas testing services. These techniques include helium spraying and helium sniffing to locate leaks.

In simple terms, the sample parts need to be connected to a test instrument. TQC has equipment available for this including standard connectors and test chambers and the ability to manufacture sealing plates and bespoke sealing arrangements as required.

  • Connectors. TQC have a range of standard automatic connectors to connect up to ports and stub pipes. TQC also has an extensive range of standard fittings on hand to connect up to and blank off parts for testing.
  • Sealing plates and sealing fixtures. TQC has an in-house workshop able to manufacture special connectors and bespoke sealing arrangements.
  • Test chambers. TQC has a number of overpressure and vacuum chambers available.
  • Leak testing instrumentation and apparatus. TQC has a range of pressurising and vacuum generation equipment available.
  • Pressurised air and helium on hand
  • Experienced leak test technicians.
  • Providing test and calibration reports where necessary.
  • Leak location and rectification is available.

Where possible TQC will use standard reusable parts to make the test as economical as possible. Typically it takes a couple of weeks to assemble the parts and perform the first tests, this can be shorter if all the equipment is standard but a little longer where special parts have to be manufactured.

Contact TQC via the details below about leak testing your parts.


Leak testing provides the following benefits:

  • Quantifiable leak test
  • Calibration to ISO9000 etc
  • Fast clean and dry test
  • Easily incorporated into automatic or manual line
  • Automated pass/fail limits
  • Automatic pass/fail marking
  • Data outputs for SPC analysis

For further details of leak testing and leak test machines look at some of the other pages. As a taster, products succesfully leak tested over the past years include the following

Cylinder Blocks & Heads
Timing & Cam Covers
Gearbox & Clutch Housings
Fuel Tanks
Taps & Pipework
Hydraulic & Air Cylinders
Electronic Enclosures
Swallowable Camera
Shower Head
Blister Packs
Domestic Appliances
Shotgun Cartridges
Handheld Weapons
Chilled Beam Ceiling Units

If you have a current project that you are already looking at, or you are considering improvements to your production in the near future, call us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice & visit you at your site.

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