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Leak Testing Sector Overview from TQC

Pressure Testing - Proof Pressure, Burst / Fatigue & Durability


Commonly used to describe a leak testing application, pressure testing is another form of testing that is carried out on a numer of different product. This page outlines three projects TQC carried out where the customer product was pressure tested.

Hydraulic cycling test of gas cylinders @ 450bar, system complete with full data monitoring. Typical test carried out for up to 20,000 cycles.

Heat exchanger test benches using air under water and pressurised water (with fluorescent dye). Both units with safety interlocked proof pressure test prior to leak testing via manual inspection.

Hydrostatic pressure testing of welded pipe assemblies up to 30 bar with nitrogen purge

Key Elements:

  • Proof pressure tests.
  • Standard pressure test (typically 1.25x to 1.5x the design pressure).
  • Burst, fatigue and durability testing
  • Hydraulic pressure up to 1095 bar (15,877psi) as standard.
  • Underwater pneumatic testing combining a standard pressure test with a leak test.
  • Safety in accordance with Health & Safety Executive “Safety in Pressure Testing” Guidance Note GS4 (third edition 1998)
  • Manual & automatic operation Custom pressure testing solutions

For further details of pressure testing and leak testing look at some of the other pages. As a taster, products succesfully leak tested over the past years include the following

If you have a current project that you are already looking at, or you are considering improvements to your production in the near future, call us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice & visit you at your site.


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