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Leak Test Equipment

Example Applications

TQC has specialised in the automatic leak testing of components for over 25 years and has supplied a wide range of leak test machines to many industries.  Combining our experience in production test equipment and process automation, TQC is able to offer complete leak test systems tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

Typical examples of the products TQC have leak tested are shown in the table below, standard leak testing systems and specific leak tesing machine applications can be accessed on the side menu.



Automotive Engineering Plastics
Cylinder Heads Cam Covers Valves Air Cylinder Plastic Containers Medical Devices
Clutches & Gearboxes Oil Sumps Electronic Enclosures Pumps Fuel Tanks Pipework
Turbochargers Radiators Taps Sprinklers Pneumatic Fittings Filters


If you are currently considering a leak test application contact TQC to discuss your requirements.

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