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Leak Test Application from TQC

Plastic Sump Pipe Leak Test & Part Insertion Machine

This machine combines TQC's experience of leak detection and automatic assembly. This machine performs a vacuum leak test first so if the leak test fails, the automatic inserting process will not be carried out.

Vacuum Leak Test

The test pieces and the reference volume are simultaneously evacuated.  The air in the system is then allowed to stabilise, with the supply valves all closed.  The differential pressure is then measured using a transducer

Hot & Cold Inserts

Both types of insert are presented to the component by a combination of vibrating bowl feeders and automatic handling system.   There are two oval inserts and one hot insert which is automatically melted into the plastic.

Parts Loaded into Front Drawer Fixture

Bowl Feeding of Inserts

Features of the equipment are :

  • Simple to operate
  • Floor to floor cycle time of 35s for 2 components
  • 80% Vacuum Leak Test
  • 1 off Hot Insert (250 deg C)
  • 2 off Cold Inserts
  • Contolled by a PLC
  • Calibration satisfies the requirements of ISO9000

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