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Leak Test Application from TQC

V6 LH/RH Cylinder Head Leak Test Machine - Series 40 Based System

TQC have recently supplied a leak testing solution for leak testing Cylinder Heads. The machine is capable of leak testing both left hand and right hand variants via a simple base tool change, the machine control system ensures the correct tooling is used for all loaded parts.

The system is based on the TQC Series 40 range, a proven range standard leak testing solutions designed and manufactured by TQC.

Leak Test Machine Part Loaded

Part ready for test

Integral Leak Test Instrument

The Unit Incorporates : Leak Test Description:
  • Transfer carriage with load/unload position and test position
  • Hydro-pneumatic clamping of test part
  • Automatic test connection
  • Pass marker
  • Capable of testing LH / RH variants
  • Light Guard Access
  • Built in Furness Controls FC0750 leak test instrument
  • PLC control system & colour touch screen HMI
  • 3 Separate Cavity Leak Tests
  • Water Jacket - 10cc/min @ 2bar
  • HP Oil Galleries - 10cc/min @ 2bar
  • SLS (ERG) Gallery - 10cc/min @ 4bar
  • Cycle time 1 minute 40 seconds

The Series 40 range of equipment can be configured for either over-pressure, vacuum or dosing applications. There are also a range of options available to suit each specific requirement. If you are currently considering a leak test application contact TQC to discuss your requirements

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