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Leak Test Application from TQC

High Speed Leak Testing of Plastic Vials for the Medical Industry

TQC have developed a high speed, indexing rotary table based, leak test machine for handling and testing medical vials at 70 per minute.

The system incorporates multi-channel leak test instruments, 10 banks of test modules and 2 display panels, these allow the plastic parts to be tested 10 at a time.

The machine is fully automatic and utilises step feeders for accepting bulk, random product from a stillage, these two feeders transfer parts to an infeed mechanism to orientate and feed the parts in a 5 x 2 matrix. The indexing table has 4 positions, one for loading the parts, one for testing, one for unloading and a final empty station. The unload system incorporates dedicated tooling to allow the parts to be placed into pass, gross leak fail or fine leak fail bins. A fail safe system is included to ensure that there is no cross contamination of pass and fail parts.

The system is PLC controlled and interfaces to a PC for data logging.

Automatic Leak Test Machine

Automatic stepfeeder

Leak Testers & HMI

The unit incorporates :

  • Elevating step feeder
  • 4-position indexing table
  • 10 Leak test instruments
  • Dedicated unload of each part
  • Throughtput of 70 parts per minute
  • PLC control with PC data logging

4-Station Rotary Table

10 up tooling on 4 stations

Dedicated part unload

If you have a current complex leak test or high speed leak test project that you are already looking at, or may require a leak test solution in the near future, call us and we will be happy to offer our professional advice & visit you at your site.

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