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Standard Leak Test Solutions from TQC

Series 40 - Leak Test Bench with PLC Control & Interchangeable Tooling


TQC have developed a standard leak testing bench with with integral plc control, capable of housing interchangeable fixtures for testing of different variants of sealed bottles. This system also includes a fixture rotation for the testing of a float switch and a camera system for label or part detection.

Leak Test Machine

Framework with Capacity for Interchangable Tooling

Leak Test Tooling

Leak testing provides the following benefits:

  • Standard aluminium extrusion bench
  • Automatic lifting guard door
  • Capable of testing 5 variants of expansion tank and more in the future
  • Interchangeable fixtures each complete with fully automatic sealing mechanisms
  • Integrated label inspection
  • Tilt mechanism for turnover of the part for float switch testing
  • Built in Leak Test Instrumenation
  • PLC control system

The style of equipment can be configured for either over-pressure, vacuum or dosing applications.

If you are currently considering a leak test application contact TQC to discuss your requirements.

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