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Standard Leak Test Solutions from TQC Ltd

Series 10 - Cost Effective Leak Test System


TQC have developed a series of standard leak test solutions. The Series 10 leak test system is the simplest and most cost effective incorporating a manually actuated sealing fixture with a leak test instrument.

The supplied system can be configurable for either over-pressure, vacuum or dosing applications.

Series 10 Leak Test Bench

Leak Testing of Castings

Spit Roast Fixture


Compliant Tooling

Bespoke Fixture for Simple Leak Test Application

Chamber for Leak Testing

Series 10 Leak Test Solutions include :

  • Fixture nest to locate the part

  • Manually applied toggle clamps, seal and connectors

  • Unguarded
  • Leak Test Instrument

  • Suitable for low cost, low to medium volume applications

If you are currently considering a simple leak test application contact TQC to discuss your requirements

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