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Nolek C9 Calibration Unit (was the Nolek KD2)

Quick & Easy Calibration of Leak Test Instruments

Technical Data
Pressure Range:  0,1-10 bar
Pressure Fall:  5 Pa
Reaction Time:   20 ms
Measuring Range 1: 0-500 Nmm3/s
0-30 Nml/min
Measuring Range 2:  0-5 Ncm3/s
0-300 Nml/min
Accuracy: 2% of max. scale value
Display:   Flow value in mm3/s or ml/min
Flow connection: Hose with quick coupling for connecting to reference leaks in Nolek instruments.
Battery:     2 x AA Batteries
Casing:     Aluminium profile
Size / Weight:     170x80x35mm, 390g
Additional Features:

Automatic shutoff

Memory of flow value
PC Communication available
Rubber protection to minimise damage and electrical shock



Nolek C9 Unit



  • C9 is used for accurate calibrating and setting of air flows from adjustable reference leaks in leak testing or flow control instruments.
  • C9 is pressure independent and measures the flow for over pressure as well as vacuum conditions.
  • C9 is a user friendly calibration unit. When operated within the pressure and flow ranges stated under Technical Data, the resultant airflow is shown immediately in mm3/s or ml/min in the display.


  • The unit has a mass flow with display, and hose with quick coupling for connecting to the instrument to be tested.
  • For over pressure conditions, the hose is connected to the right connection of C9, and for vacuum conditions, to the left connection and to the instrument's reference leak.
  • When the flow from the instrument has stabilised, the value is indicated on the display.

For a printer friendly sheet on the C9 Calibration unit please click here, pdf, 183Kb

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